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Areas of Practice


Corporate Law

Bottom Line: Protection
We bring experience to businesses of all sizes, as well as to the individuals who run them.

You benefit from a full palette of services from general business counseling to more specialized work such as purchases, sales and mergers of business entities, dispute resolution, internal investigations, structuring and negotiation joint ventures and strategic alliances, preparation of policy and employment manuals, and preparations of employment and severance agreements.



Medical Law

Benn There. Done that.
With over 13 years serving in the chair position of a large hospital and health system board, we understand the healthcare industry. We have offered legal counseling to physician practices, as well as to individual physicians on matters both professional and personal.

In addition to handling the day-to-day legal issues that accompany running a medical practice, we have experience in reviewing contracts and assisting with negotiations; drafting severance agreements and non-compete covenants; and handling acquisitions and mergers of medical practices.



Media Law

Ink In Our Veins
We protect and assist newspapers and news organizations in media law matters involving access to public records, courtrooms and meetings, pre-publication review and disputes implicating and First Amendment, including but not limited to libel defense.

In cases where reporters are subpoenaed, we vigorously fight to quash the subpoenas and maintain the media’s independence. We handle news organizations’ management and personnel matters, union grievances and negotiations. Additionally, we have represented clients in the sale and acquisition of newspaper publications.

Our firm provides seminars to the staff of news organizations to keep them updated with respect to issues involving defamation, open records, public meetings, etc.



Real Estate Law

Effective Representation in Real Estate
We believe that it is very important to have an attorney representing your interests in real estate matters. Utilizing our extensive real estate experience in the purchase, sale, financing, management, leasing, development of commercial, industrial or residential property can protect you from unexpected and unnecessary expenses.

With respect to the purchase of real estate, we are Agents of First American Title and Insurance Company.

Additionally, we mediate disputes between buys, sellers, realtors and real estate firms. Our attorneys have experience in representing individuals in real estate mediation matters and other areas of real estate litigation.



Employment Law

Our extensive experience in employment law and employment-related matters includes the representation of both employers and employees in litigating cases before the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Unemployment Compensation Referees, the Unemployment Compensation Board of Review, the Pennsylvania State Courts and the Federal Court system. Whether a case involves discrimination, harassment, retaliation, unemployment compensation or other employment law matters, we can provide protection and counsel to management and employees alike.



Estate Planning

We will assist you with all estate-planning needs, such as wills, powers-of-attorney, living wills, establishing trusts, handling estate and probate matters, and drafting family agreements. No matter your needs, we will handle your affairs effectively, with professionalism and discretion.


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